Saturday, January 9, 2010

Immunity from Diseases

Many medical studies have proven that all diseases can be prevented or cured if we boost our immune system. These diseases include AIDS, H1N1, Bird Flu, Cancer, Heart Attack, Diabetes and more than 10,000 other listed diseases.
A strong immune system will naturally get rid of toxins, viruses and bad bacterias. Any viruses or bad bacterias entering the body will be killed by it.
The problem with people nowadays is they either have little knowledge of natural health or have knowledge of drugs and vaccines only. They still use drugs and vaccines whenever the symptoms appear. Drugs and vaccine are poisons to the body. They are useful only in emergency cases only. We don't need them if we boost our immunity regularly. The symptoms of sickness e.g flu, fever, skin rashes, weakness, etc, are your body ways of informing you that your immunity is low. You must take action to boost it. Most people either take supplements which they have read about from companies advertising their products or they just ignore the symptoms and let the body heals itself. Supplements cannot compare with the natural food and herbs eaten and drunk in the right amount and properly. Supplements are useful only when the patients cannot eat or drink. Using drugs and vaccines will add more toxins to our body which is already very toxic (read my earlier postings).
Your body can heal itself if your immunity is good. But you must maintain it regulary. Íf your immunity is strong, you won't éven fall sick or have disease at all. Our intelligent body has a self-healing mechanism to take care of our body and health. It is the best "doctor"in the world. It is not designed to get sick or become diseased. We make ourselves sick. We can be in optimum health if we service and take care of its needs.
Some of our body needs are:
1. Detox the body (Cleanse all the body organs )
2. Remove the liver and gallbladder stones regularly
3. Reduce the intake of toxins from food, drink, and environments
4. Take proper nutritions and antioxidants (fresh, organic fruits and raw
vegetables - eaten or blend and drink immediately)
5. Regular moderate exercise e.g brisk walking, qigong and tai chi
6. Live a healthy lifestyle
7. Avoid unnecessary drugs and vaccines
8. Meditation or other forms of stress-releasing activities

Many people has delegated their health to the doctors. They have completely neglected the natural health knowledge. They are out of touch with nature. They only think of drugs and vaccinations when they are sick. They should take control of their health by fulfilling their body needs mentioned above.
Join my workshop in April 2010 to learn how to take control of your health and your loved ones. The date and venue will be announced in March 2010.
Organise a group of people and contact me for a 2-3 hours health talk ( mentioned in my earlier blog posting) in the convinence of your place.

Prevention is better than medical treatment.

"Success Is HAVING what You WANT.
Happiness Is WANTING What You HAVE
Health Is Not Valued Till Sickness Comes"

May you be happy and healthy always.

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