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Modern Diseases are fictional names for Cellular Malfunction

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Originally published March 27 2006
Modern diseases are fictional names for cellular malfunction, expert says
Med school students rack their brains trying to learn about the 10,000 diseases they are told exist, but according to Dallas-based naturopath and research scientist Dr. Gary L. Tunsky, all they're studying is the big lie told in med school: That these different diseases exist at all. According to Dr. Tunsky, there is only one disease -- cellular malfunction -- and all other "diseases" are just labels that tell us the location of the cellular malfunction.
"Every disease known to man can be explained in seven minutes," Dr. Tunsky explained at his November lecture at the First Annual Arizona Choices Exposition in Tucson, Ariz. He then explained how cellular malfunction develops into the symptoms we know as diseases. To understand this concept, Dr. Tunsky says we must first realize that the biggest error in mainstream medicine and naturopathy is that the body is compartmentalized, suggesting that the systems are not interrelated. In reality, the human body is a complete unit with highly complex systems working together to keep it functioning optimally.

Our bodies are designed to recognize self and non-self, but they're not designed to absorb synthetic materials like soda and pharmaceuticals. When our bodies do absorb these toxins, as well as any emotional toxins, through the environment or through eating and drinking, they are able to expel some of the hazardous material, but not all. As a result, this material builds up until the blood becomes contaminated, according to Dr. Tunsky. For the purpose of self-preservation, the blood then pushes out the contaminants into the genetically determined "weakest link" body systems. This is why certain diseases run in some families but not others. When our "weakest link" body systems become affected by these contaminants, we then develop the symptoms mainstream medicine recognizes as individual diseases, but that are really just our cells "crying out," says Dr. Tunsky.

Mainstream medicine teaches physicians to treat the symptoms of one underlying disease, rather than cellular malfunction itself. To explain this phenomenon, Dr. Tunsky evokes the analogy of a car that has a "check engine" light on. Treating the individual "diseases" that really are just symptoms of overall cellular malfunction is like cutting the wires to the warning lights rather than actually fixing the engine. This type of medicine is ineffective because it is just the illusion of healing, making it what Dr. Tunsky calls "David Copperfield medicine."

To prove his point, Dr. Tunsky used cancer as an example. Mainstream medicine usually treats cancer by removing the tumor or tumors from the affected body parts. However, the tumor is not the problem, according to Dr. Tunsky. Rather, it is the solution. When cells malfunction in the manner that we call cancer, the body forms a bubble (a tumor) around the malfunctioned cells to isolate them with the hope that someday the immune system will be able to defeat the cut-off cells. Merely removing the tumor without addressing the factors that are causing cellular malfunction will not effectively treat or cure cancer, according to Dr. Tunsky, nor will further poisoning the body with chemotherapy or radiation.

Cellular malfunction is not instantaneous; it is a multi-stepped process. The first step is of course toxicity, which results from the consumption of environmental and emotional toxins, as mentioned before. When you consume drinks like soda or breathe in chemicals like artificial fragrances on a regular basis, these toxins build up in your body over time. As a result, your cells become "gummed up," starving them of nourishing oxygen and water. At this time, heavy metals and malnutrition come into play, as well as bacteria and viruses.

Dr. Tunsky's view of infectious agents' role in cellular malfunction opposes the beliefs of mainstream medicine. He believes that these agents are "trying to clean things up," as everything is integrated. Furthermore, because of the cells' anaerobic and dehydrated conditions, circulation problems develop, turning them into a stagnant swamp, breeding things like fungus and mold and representing another factor in cellular malfunction.

Like tumors, cholesterol, deemed "bad" by mainstream medicine, is nothing more than the body's attempt to isolate malfunctioned cells, according to Dr. Tunsky. He believes that the body uses hardening agents like cholesterol, calcium and iron to "wall off" the bad cells. In other words, high cholesterol isn't a result of eating cholesterol-rich foods; it is, in Dr. Tunsky's words, "like a scab on the walls of the arteries." As you might imagine, the last stage of cellular malfunction is tissue death, but fortunately there are ways to halt the malfunction before it gets to this point.

In order to stop cellular malfunction, you must first stop poisoning your body with the toxins that are causing it. This means limiting your consumption of trans fats, refined white flour and sugar and pharmaceutical drugs, as well as limiting your exposure to environmental and emotional toxins. For more information on the metabolic disruptors in your refrigerator that might be making you sick, see the Health Ranger Mike Adams' book, Grocery Warning, available from Truth Publishing. Then, once you stop adding to the problem, you must also detoxify and remove the agents that are already wreaking havoc on your cells. Following a raw foods diet is a great way to do this, according to Dr. Tunsky. If you think it would be too difficult to incorporate raw foods into your busy lifestyle, be sure to visit Karen Kevala Parker's informative web site Raw Food for Real People for tips on going raw. Defeating cellular malfunction is the key to preventing illness and disease while restoring your body to its greatest functional potential.

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Cancer Is Not A Disease (Its Á Survival Mechanism)

In Cancer Is Not A Disease, bestselling author and internationally acclaimed health expert, Andreas Moritz, proves the point that cancer is the physical symptom reflecting our body's final attempt to eliminate specific life-destructive causes. He claims that removing such causes sets the precondition for complete healing of our body, mind and emotions.
This book confronts you with a radically new understanding of cancer - one that outdates the current cancer model. On average, the conventional approaches of killing, cutting or burning cancerous cells offer most patients a remission rate of merely 7%, and the majority of the few survivors are "cured"for just 5 years or less. The prominent cancer researcher and professor at the University of California (Berkeley), Dr. Hardin Jones, stated: "Patients are as well, or better off, untreated ..." Any published success figures in cancer survival statistics are offset by equal or better scores among those not receiving any treatments. More people are killed by the treatments than saved.
Cancer Is Not A Disease shows you why regular cancer treatments can be fatal, what actually causes cancer, and how you can remove the obstacles that prevent the body from healing itself. Cancer is not a attempt on your life; to the contrary, cancer is trying to save it. Unless we change our perception of what cancer really is, it will continue to threaten the life of nearly one out of every two people. This book opens a door for those who wish to turn feelings of victimhood into empowerment and self-mastery, and disease into health.

Ener--Chi Wellness Press

Books on Cancer:
"Cancer Is Not A Disease" by Andreas Moritz. Publisher: Ener-Chi Wellness Press.
"The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse" by Andreas Moritz. Publisher: Ener-Chi Wellness Press.

Articles on Cancer:
Farmers Are Missing This Must-Have Metal
Thu, January 7, 2010 5:00:34 PMFrom: "Al Sears, MD" Add to Contacts
To: liew


Al Sears, MD
11903 Southern Blvd., Ste. 208
Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411
January 7, 2010

Dear liew,

Many minerals – like iron and zinc and selenium – are essential to life. Without them, your body could not function. And because your body can’t make them, you need a reliable source from your diet.

On commercial farms, the soil no longer has the minerals it used to. That means you may be suffering from a mineral deficiency.

I consider selenium a “must-have” mineral. It’s a major player in the fight against chronic disease. Selenium dramatically lowers your risk for many types of cancer. These include lung, colon, liver, and prostate cancer.

But there’s more to selenium’s protective power. A study from the University of North Carolina shows that selenium can also lower your risk of osteoarthritis.1 Researchers found that people’s risk was related to the level of selenium in their bodies.

To give you an idea of how powerful this mineral is, an increase of just one tenth of a part per million decreased their risk of osteoarthritis by 15 to 20 percent. The higher the amount of selenium, the more their risk dropped.

It’s also one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet. For your bones and joints, it protects your cartilage and prevents the inflammation that causes joint pain.

As a cancer fighter, selenium slows down tumors by cutting off their blood supply. And it kills cancer cells by triggering a built-in program that kills off damaged cells.2

What’s more, it stops LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) from sticking to your arteries.3

So, how do you get more selenium in your diet?

Well, you won’t find much of it in fruits or vegetables. That’s why vegetarians often suffer from a lack of this very important mineral.

The best sources are fish, red meat, and Brazil nuts. I recommend you get at least 55 micrograms of selenium a day. Notice I said micrograms, not milligrams. The amount is very small.

The list below will give you a better idea:4


Brazil Nuts
1 ounce

Canned Tuna
3 ounces

3.5 ounces (cooked)

3 ounces (cooked)

3.5 ounces (roasted)

Chicken Breast
3.5 ounces (roasted)

1 medium

1 ounce

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

Hope the above information will let you have more knowledge on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from Cancer.

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May you and your loved ones be free from all diseases.


Dangers Inside Our Body

It is common knowledge that in developed and developing countries (Malaysia included), the cases of cancer, heart issues, diabetes, obesity, depression and other health issues are becoming epidemics. Everyday, millions of people are facing these issues. In most cases almost one in every three people has the above health issues by the age of 65 years. In some cases, the people having the health problems are getting younger. WHY??? H1N1, bird flu, swine fever and AIDS cases are less dangerous compared to the health issues mentioned.
According to Dr Harvey Kellog's Study, 90% of the health issues are due to unhealthy and abnormal colons. In Ayurveda and many studies, the undigested food is the cause of unhealthy colons which I have explained in my previous postings.
Hundreds of toxins, from our polluted food, water, air and environment, are accumulated in our alimentary canal every day. They also leak into various parts of our body every day. When the level is high, our intelligent body gives us warning signs e.g. flu, fever and pain. Unfortunately, many people have large amounts of toxins in their liver, gallbladder, kidneys, lungs, blood, lymph and other body parts without their knowledge because there are no warning signs given out. They may not be detected by ordinary regular medical checkup. Sometimes, the symptoms will disappear even if we do not do a thing. This is because our self-healing mechanism is healing us. Most people will take drugs to suppress them. But do you think the toxins will disappear? What about the side effects of drugs? Some people take herbs which usually do not have side effects but may be dangerous due to high dosages or wrong usage.
In natural treatment, the best solution is to remove the root causes by detoxification. The best method to remove the weeds is to remove their roots. Toxins can be removed by the following cleanses:
1. Bowel cleanse removes the impacted waste matters in your intestine and colon.
2. Parasite cleanse removes the parasites in the bowel.
3. Liver and gallbladder cleanse remove liver and gallbladder stones
4. Lung cleanse helps the intake of more oxygen and the expels the carbon dioxide.
5. Nasal cleanse removes the toxins and parasites in the nasal cavity
6. Skin cleanse removes the toxins in the skin and revitalizes its function
7. Mouth cleanse removes the toxins in the mouth cavity
Rejuvenating food and enzymes should also be taken to provide energy for the cells, tissues, glands and organs to regenerate and revitalize their functions.
To learn more, follow this blog for the announcement of the workshop in March 2009.
In the maintime, contact me to arrange for a health talk. Refer to my posting on Health Talk. Prevention is better than cure.

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Toxins in our Body and Detox

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Nowadays, many people are aware of toxins in our body and the importance of detoxification. To cash in on this, many companies are selling their detoxifying products in supermarkets, shops and even in the streets.
Some of their products are in the form of herbal tea, psyllium husk and fruit or vegetable fibre-detoxifying drinks. Others provide hydrotherapy or colon irrigation and coffee edema services. All these are good for the body if the toxin level is not high. But unfortunately everyone of us has high levels of toxins. These toxins damage our self-healing mechanism and lower our immune system. Some of the symptoms of high toxicity are flu, fever, inflammation, feeling weak, body pain, sleepy during the day, obese, pot-belly, skin problems and having chronic diseases. The toxins entered our body through the food, drinks, air and polluted environment. Even healthy food can be turned into toxins if they are not digested properly. Undigested food can putrefy and turn rancid. The intestine and colon produce mucus to wrap them up to protect their surfaces from damage. Over time the mucus layer become thicker and form mucus plague. More and more toxins and pollutants from the mouth get glued to this layer. This layer damages the villi and the surface of the intestines and colon. The mucus layer also obstructs the function of the intestine and colon.
1) Nutrients are not able to be absorbed into the body.
2) The putrefied and rancid food become toxic and produce an acidic condition
for parasites to breed and multiply.
3) The toxins leak into the blood and lymphatic system.
4) Toxins will accumulate in the weak parts of the body.
5) In time, the cells, tissues, glands or organs will become diseased.
6) The body will usually give out signs or symptoms to warn us so that we can
act on it.
You service your car a few times a year and overhaul your car if it is more than 15 years. Have you serviced or overhauled your body. If not, please read the info in my posting regarding Health Talk and take action. Prevention is better than medical treatment.
Today I received an email from Dr Al Sears, MD. regarding toxins. Click on to read the article. You can also subscribe to his newsletter for natural health articles. For alternatives to the "superfood" he mentioned in the article, you can blend together fresh green leafy vegetables or green colored herbs, lemon juice, a pinch of salt and add a fruit or raw sugar for sweetness. Drink the blended juice within 7 minutes to lessen oxidization. Fruits and raw vegetables juice give you plenty of phytonutrients, anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, trace elements and enzymes which are mostly destroyed by cooking over 40 degrees C. To know more about how to blend juices and make digestive enzymes, you have to attend my workshop in March 2010.
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Welcome Message

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Nowadays, many people are having chronic diseases. Medical fees and surgeries are very expensive. This blog is created for those who are interested in natural health and want to take control of their health and the health of their loved ones.
My mission is to:
1) provide health education to the public
2) promote good healthy habits and lifestyle
3) promote healthy co-existence with nature
4) coach people to take control of their health
To achieve this, I have started giving 2-hour health talks. For info on this health talk, click on to Health Talk on my blog. I have also started preparing for a one-day workshop and writing a book on health.
Hope to see you in my talk or workshop one day.
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Root Cause of Diseases

In Dr Harvey Kellogg's study, all his 22,000 patients' colons are abnormal. Further study on 100,000 colons, shows that only 6% are normal i.e six out of a hundred. He found out that more than 90% of all sicknesses and diseases are due to abnormal colons. Many medical studies have also confirmed that the root cause of 90% of our diseases originated from the colons.
Our intestines and colons are like drains. Although drains are straight, they become clogged up after many years of usage without cleaning. Our intestines and colons (total length more than 26 feet) are curled up in a lump in our abdomen. Their internal surfaces contain villi and have uneven surfaces. Undigested food usually gets stuck in between the villi and the uneven surfaces. The villi and the colon, in order to protect themselves from the fermenting and putrefying undigested food, secrete mucus to wrap up the undigested food. In the course of time, toxins from the polluted food and drinks accumulate in the mucus layer and form a mucus plague. This layer of mucus plague prevents the intestines and colons from functioning efficiently. As a result, the peristalsis bowel movement is affected. The mucus plague becomes thicker and more toxins are accumulated. The bowel becomes congested, acidic and a breeding ground for more than 400 types of parasites. Nutrients absorption is prevented, therefore making the body weak. On top of this, the toxins, acidic solution and parasites leak into the blood and lymphatic systems. They are transported and deposited to various parts of the body. They poison and kill the cells, tissues, glands and organs. When our digestive, filtration and endocrine defence systems are impaired, our self-healing mechanism and immune system become damaged. Our immunity becomes weak. As a result, the bacteria, viruses and parasites attack our body. Symptoms of chronic diseases start appearing as warnings so that we can look for solutions to solve them. Diseases are symptoms and can be treated using the correct natural health methods.
To learn how to solve your health problems naturally, click our posting entitled: Health Talk.
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Natural Treatment for Diseases

Diseases,e.g. cancer, heart attack, diabetes are symptoms or signs given out by our body to warn us that something is wrong with it. Our body gives out these signals whenever there are problems with our health. If it is a minor problem, our body self-healing mechanism can heal it without you doing a thing. But if our toxins level in our body is high, our self-healing mechanism and immune system cannot help us. This is because they are weakened by the toxins. To treat the symptoms (dis-eases), cleanse the intestines and colon first. The bowel cleanse helps to remove the accumulated toxins and waste matters that prevent its functions. Once it is cleansed, there will be less toxins leaking to the blood and lymphatic systems. The intestines can again absorb nutrients to repair the damaged cells, tissues, glands and organs. When they are repaired, the self-healing mechanism can function effectively and the immune system is boosted again. Any treatment for the dis-eases (symptoms), should be done naturally.
Firstly, you should first find out the type of disease you are suffering from.
Secondly, find out the root cause of it.
Thirdly, find out various types of natural cures and choose the type suitable for you.
Lastly, treat the symptoms by alleviating the pain and end the disease.
Allow the symptom to manifest and the healing process to take place naturally. Suppressing it with drugs or other forms of medication will not remove the root cause of the disease. To remove the weeds, it is better to pull them out together with the roots. But if it is treated with drugs, the problem will come again. But this time, it will be more serious and more complicated due to the side effects of the drugs. To treat it effectively, it must involve the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the sufferer.
Physical : Detox, cleansing, nutrients,exercise and healthy lifestyle
Mental : Relaxation of the mind e.g. meditation, listening to relaxing music
Emotional: Forgiveness and letting go of problems
Spiritual: High spirit and high esteem of oneself
The natural treatment of diseases can activate your self-healing mechanism, rejuvenate our body and boost our immune system.
By following Ayurveda and Naturopath principles, we can enjoy a healthy lifestyle free from illness and diseases.
To learn more, refer to my blog posting on "Health Talk".

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Health Talk

Having health problems???

Chronic diseases, e.g. cancer, heart attack, diabetes, obesity, depression and more than 10,000 other diseases, are symptoms given out by your body. You spend a lot of money on healthy food, health-care products, supplements and medications. You exercise and follow a healthy lifestyle for years. BUT has your health problems improved or are they cured? WHY? We have the ANSWERS. Contact us for a health talk.

Topics :
1. The Secret to Health
2. Detoxification - Intestines, Colon, parasite, liver and gallbladder Cleanse
3. Remove liver and gallbladder stones
4. Toxins reducing soup
5. Natural prevention and cure for diseases
6. Activate your self-healing mechanism
7. Rejuvenate and revitalize your body
8. Boost your natural immunity
9. Healthy food, drink and exercise
10. How to live a healthy lifestyle

The non-religious two-and-a-half-hours talk (not MLM) is by H.N.Liew, a Health Coach in Ayurveda and Naturopath. You can arrange for the talk at the convenience of your home, office or organization anywhere in the Klang Valley. The talk fee is RM30/= per person. Minimum of 8 participants is required. If there isn't enough people, sms/email us so that we can combine you with other people. Reimbursement charge is required for outstation talk.

SMS Mr. Liew (h/p 019-3136282) or email: for confirmation of talk. State your name, venue, date, time and no. of people attending.
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