Friday, February 12, 2010

Indigestion - Major Cause of Diseases

There are many causes of indigestion which resulted in abdominal indigestion, acid reflux, gas, bloating, constipation and toxins.

Causes of Indigestion
a) Improperly cooked food - not broken down small enough for absorption.
b) Food not colourful or appealing to stimulate secretion of saliva.
c) Not enough masticulation and chewing to make food small for absorption.
d) Not focus on eating e.g. watching TV, working on computer or reading.
e) Eating while emotionally upset or stressful.
f) Drinking too much fluid while or immediately after eating.
g) Drinking cold drink which solidify the food.
h) Eating nuts too hard for digestion (advisable to soak them overnight or grind them).
i) Eating too much food (not enough enzymes and hydrochloric acid for

Your stomach has only 2 hours to break down the food. If the food is too big, only the outer layer is broken down. So you need to make sure it's small enough when it arrives at the stomach so that all the food can get digested. Only then can more nutrients be absorbed in the small intestine. This will also help prevent the formation of mucus plague and promote unhealthy colon which I had explained in my previous postings.
Unhealthy colon causes 90% of our health problems.
Therefore regular colon cleansing is a must for everyone due to our modern diet, ways of eating and lifestyle.

"Success Is HAVING what You WANT.
Happiness Is WANTING What You HAVE
Health Is Not Valued Till Sickness Comes"

May you be happy and healthy always.

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