Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dangers Inside Our Body

It is common knowledge that in developed and developing countries (Malaysia included), the cases of cancer, heart issues, diabetes, obesity, depression and other health issues are becoming epidemics. Everyday, millions of people are facing these issues. In most cases almost one in every three people has the above health issues by the age of 65 years. In some cases, the people having the health problems are getting younger. WHY??? H1N1, bird flu, swine fever and AIDS cases are less dangerous compared to the health issues mentioned.
According to Dr Harvey Kellog's Study, 90% of the health issues are due to unhealthy and abnormal colons. In Ayurveda and many studies, the undigested food is the cause of unhealthy colons which I have explained in my previous postings.
Hundreds of toxins, from our polluted food, water, air and environment, are accumulated in our alimentary canal every day. They also leak into various parts of our body every day. When the level is high, our intelligent body gives us warning signs e.g. flu, fever and pain. Unfortunately, many people have large amounts of toxins in their liver, gallbladder, kidneys, lungs, blood, lymph and other body parts without their knowledge because there are no warning signs given out. They may not be detected by ordinary regular medical checkup. Sometimes, the symptoms will disappear even if we do not do a thing. This is because our self-healing mechanism is healing us. Most people will take drugs to suppress them. But do you think the toxins will disappear? What about the side effects of drugs? Some people take herbs which usually do not have side effects but may be dangerous due to high dosages or wrong usage.
In natural treatment, the best solution is to remove the root causes by detoxification. The best method to remove the weeds is to remove their roots. Toxins can be removed by the following cleanses:
1. Bowel cleanse removes the impacted waste matters in your intestine and colon.
2. Parasite cleanse removes the parasites in the bowel.
3. Liver and gallbladder cleanse remove liver and gallbladder stones
4. Lung cleanse helps the intake of more oxygen and the expels the carbon dioxide.
5. Nasal cleanse removes the toxins and parasites in the nasal cavity
6. Skin cleanse removes the toxins in the skin and revitalizes its function
7. Mouth cleanse removes the toxins in the mouth cavity
Rejuvenating food and enzymes should also be taken to provide energy for the cells, tissues, glands and organs to regenerate and revitalize their functions.
To learn more, follow this blog for the announcement of the workshop in March 2009.
In the maintime, contact me to arrange for a health talk. Refer to my posting on Health Talk. Prevention is better than cure.

"Success Is HAVING what You WANT.
Happiness Is WANTING What You HAVE
Health Is Not Valued Till Sickness Comes"

May you enjoy better health.



    Mr Liew,

    A friend recommended me your blog.

    Coincidentally there was recent newspapers advertorial abt fibre cleanse, CareMark to be specific. Do you have any comments, advice?

    I am 60 yrs old male, healthy, except dependent on lipitor to control lipid.

    After reading similar messages from yr blog as well as the advertorial, wonder how one should begin with basic detox.

    If feasible I am also keen to arrange a health talk for my members in the residents association

    Look fwd to hearing from you.


    NG Kok Piew

  2. Mr Ng Kok Piew,
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Lipitor, like other drugs, is not natural to our body. We are part of nature, just like the animals. They usually do not fall sick in the wild. If they happens to fall sick, they have the instinct to look for herbs or nuts to cure their sickness. We often see dogs and cats looking for grass/weeds to eat when they are sick. They do not take drugs. Human beings take drugs whenever they are sick. Taking drugs suppresses the symptoms only. Drugs, which are foreign to our body, will create many side effects . Our filtration systems filter the pollutants and toxins we take everyday. In time, they get impacted with billions of pollutants toxins.
    To assist our impaired liver, gallbladder and kidneys, we should detox ourselves every 3 weeks to remove the toxins so that our self-healing mechanism and immune system can function efficiently.
    There are many detox products in the market ranging from mild to strong ones. Fibre, fruit, and herbal tea cleanses are mild forms of colon cleansing. It helps bowel movement and cleans the surface of the mucus plague in the intestine and the colon only. They cannot remove the mucus plague in the intestine and colon. It is just like cutting the weeds. They will grow again because the roots are not removed. Removing the mucus plague is the first step of detoxing your body. Secondly, you need to remove the toxins (excess lipid is one of them) from your blood. .90% of the people have liver and gallbladder stones. The ranges from the size of fine sand to a ping pong. The stones block the hepathic vessels and the bile duct. Besides secreting bile to emusify the fat and oil, the liver also do over 500 other bodily functions. Some of the liver functions are to balance the cholesterol level, filter the excess lipid from the blood, control the metabolism of fat, balance the body hormone, etc. Removing the liver and gallbladder stones is the first step to take control of your health. Most detox products cannot remove the liver and gallbladder stones.
    I will be very grateful if you can arrange a health talk for your members in the residents association.
    Hope to hear from you again.

    Health is wealth. Take control of your health.