Saturday, December 5, 2009

Root Cause of Diseases

In Dr Harvey Kellogg's study, all his 22,000 patients' colons are abnormal. Further study on 100,000 colons, shows that only 6% are normal i.e six out of a hundred. He found out that more than 90% of all sicknesses and diseases are due to abnormal colons. Many medical studies have also confirmed that the root cause of 90% of our diseases originated from the colons.
Our intestines and colons are like drains. Although drains are straight, they become clogged up after many years of usage without cleaning. Our intestines and colons (total length more than 26 feet) are curled up in a lump in our abdomen. Their internal surfaces contain villi and have uneven surfaces. Undigested food usually gets stuck in between the villi and the uneven surfaces. The villi and the colon, in order to protect themselves from the fermenting and putrefying undigested food, secrete mucus to wrap up the undigested food. In the course of time, toxins from the polluted food and drinks accumulate in the mucus layer and form a mucus plague. This layer of mucus plague prevents the intestines and colons from functioning efficiently. As a result, the peristalsis bowel movement is affected. The mucus plague becomes thicker and more toxins are accumulated. The bowel becomes congested, acidic and a breeding ground for more than 400 types of parasites. Nutrients absorption is prevented, therefore making the body weak. On top of this, the toxins, acidic solution and parasites leak into the blood and lymphatic systems. They are transported and deposited to various parts of the body. They poison and kill the cells, tissues, glands and organs. When our digestive, filtration and endocrine defence systems are impaired, our self-healing mechanism and immune system become damaged. Our immunity becomes weak. As a result, the bacteria, viruses and parasites attack our body. Symptoms of chronic diseases start appearing as warnings so that we can look for solutions to solve them. Diseases are symptoms and can be treated using the correct natural health methods.
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