Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Toxins in our Body and Detox

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Nowadays, many people are aware of toxins in our body and the importance of detoxification. To cash in on this, many companies are selling their detoxifying products in supermarkets, shops and even in the streets.
Some of their products are in the form of herbal tea, psyllium husk and fruit or vegetable fibre-detoxifying drinks. Others provide hydrotherapy or colon irrigation and coffee edema services. All these are good for the body if the toxin level is not high. But unfortunately everyone of us has high levels of toxins. These toxins damage our self-healing mechanism and lower our immune system. Some of the symptoms of high toxicity are flu, fever, inflammation, feeling weak, body pain, sleepy during the day, obese, pot-belly, skin problems and having chronic diseases. The toxins entered our body through the food, drinks, air and polluted environment. Even healthy food can be turned into toxins if they are not digested properly. Undigested food can putrefy and turn rancid. The intestine and colon produce mucus to wrap them up to protect their surfaces from damage. Over time the mucus layer become thicker and form mucus plague. More and more toxins and pollutants from the mouth get glued to this layer. This layer damages the villi and the surface of the intestines and colon. The mucus layer also obstructs the function of the intestine and colon.
1) Nutrients are not able to be absorbed into the body.
2) The putrefied and rancid food become toxic and produce an acidic condition
for parasites to breed and multiply.
3) The toxins leak into the blood and lymphatic system.
4) Toxins will accumulate in the weak parts of the body.
5) In time, the cells, tissues, glands or organs will become diseased.
6) The body will usually give out signs or symptoms to warn us so that we can
act on it.
You service your car a few times a year and overhaul your car if it is more than 15 years. Have you serviced or overhauled your body. If not, please read the info in my posting regarding Health Talk and take action. Prevention is better than medical treatment.
Today I received an email from Dr Al Sears, MD. regarding toxins. Click on http://us.mg2.mail.yahoo.com/dc/launch?.gx=1&.rand=6p4adlbbhbraq to read the article. You can also subscribe to his newsletter for natural health articles. For alternatives to the "superfood" he mentioned in the article, you can blend together fresh green leafy vegetables or green colored herbs, lemon juice, a pinch of salt and add a fruit or raw sugar for sweetness. Drink the blended juice within 7 minutes to lessen oxidization. Fruits and raw vegetables juice give you plenty of phytonutrients, anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, trace elements and enzymes which are mostly destroyed by cooking over 40 degrees C. To know more about how to blend juices and make digestive enzymes, you have to attend my workshop in March 2010.
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