Saturday, December 5, 2009

Natural Treatment for Diseases

Diseases,e.g. cancer, heart attack, diabetes are symptoms or signs given out by our body to warn us that something is wrong with it. Our body gives out these signals whenever there are problems with our health. If it is a minor problem, our body self-healing mechanism can heal it without you doing a thing. But if our toxins level in our body is high, our self-healing mechanism and immune system cannot help us. This is because they are weakened by the toxins. To treat the symptoms (dis-eases), cleanse the intestines and colon first. The bowel cleanse helps to remove the accumulated toxins and waste matters that prevent its functions. Once it is cleansed, there will be less toxins leaking to the blood and lymphatic systems. The intestines can again absorb nutrients to repair the damaged cells, tissues, glands and organs. When they are repaired, the self-healing mechanism can function effectively and the immune system is boosted again. Any treatment for the dis-eases (symptoms), should be done naturally.
Firstly, you should first find out the type of disease you are suffering from.
Secondly, find out the root cause of it.
Thirdly, find out various types of natural cures and choose the type suitable for you.
Lastly, treat the symptoms by alleviating the pain and end the disease.
Allow the symptom to manifest and the healing process to take place naturally. Suppressing it with drugs or other forms of medication will not remove the root cause of the disease. To remove the weeds, it is better to pull them out together with the roots. But if it is treated with drugs, the problem will come again. But this time, it will be more serious and more complicated due to the side effects of the drugs. To treat it effectively, it must involve the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the sufferer.
Physical : Detox, cleansing, nutrients,exercise and healthy lifestyle
Mental : Relaxation of the mind e.g. meditation, listening to relaxing music
Emotional: Forgiveness and letting go of problems
Spiritual: High spirit and high esteem of oneself
The natural treatment of diseases can activate your self-healing mechanism, rejuvenate our body and boost our immune system.
By following Ayurveda and Naturopath principles, we can enjoy a healthy lifestyle free from illness and diseases.
To learn more, refer to my blog posting on "Health Talk".

"Success Is HAVING what You WANT.
Happiness Is WANTING What You HAVE
Health Is Not Valued Till Sickness Comes"

May you be HEALTHY, HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL always.


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